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Is summer coming and your dog needs a haircut? Does your pet have very difficult hair to comb?

Next, we will tell you about one of the best dog groomers in Gijón, where the only thing they are looking for is the best service for your pet. They are committed to the welfare of animals, in each of the aspects of their lives. And above all, in the beauty and care of your hair. Do you want to discover it?

Simply Guapo is considered one of the best dog groomers in Gijón, according to its clients. Cristina, the owner, opened this place, with the sole objective of making your pet feel at home. She is passionate about animals and it shows when working with them.

In this dog grooming salon, both your cat and your dog will be cared for individually and using all the time they need. In addition, to notice the affection of its professionals. In this dog grooming salon they use the best products, so that your pet looks the best fur.

At Simplemente Guapo, thanks to Cristina’s experience, you can ask her advice on hairdressing supplies, ways to brush her hair, and the best products for your dog’s or cat’s fur. Or any other question you have related to the care of your pet.

In addition to haircuts, they have other services such as: bathing, detangling and hydration services, dead hair removal service in those breeds with hard hair, nail trimming, bangs or contouring of the legs.

Regarding the rates, it depends on the following factors: state of dirt, the frequency of your visits, the size, the behavior, the work to be done. Also, if you visit this dog grooming salon a lot, you will be a VIP customer.

Are you going to let them tell you? Do not think twice and make an appointment for your pet in one of the best dog groomers in Gijón.

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