Original plans for a first date

Maria Mendoza


Do you have a date with a special person and do not know what the best plan is? Do you want to surprise a person and do something different that flees from the typical in the first dates? In Buscatea we suggest a series of original plans that you can choose to make your first date unique.

  1. "Turiseo" on the first date

Do you like to visit hidden corners on your first date? Are you a traveler without limits and take every opportunity to discover new places? There are many who bet on an excursion to nature or to a nearby town in their town to have a first date. Discovering new spaces is increasingly being a safe bet for a perfect first date.

Fleeing the gaze of the city and seeking the tranquility of nature is for many a life insurance so that their first date is more than brilliant and bet on this original plan.

  1. Choosing a romantic means of transport

Many people before their first appointment consider what is the best means of transport to go with that special someone. And there are many others who end up betting on taking a bicycle and taking a romantic walk through a park, such as the Retiro Park in Madrid or the María Luisa Park in Seville.

Many cities have establishments that allow the rental of bicycles for two and the most adventurous bet on this original plan to surprise their companion on the first date. A fun and different idea that you can do on the first date to make everything go great.

  1. Testing adrenaline

Do you like to remove the nerves you have on the first date playing with adrenaline? One of the ideas that we propose from Buscatea to test the adrenaline, is to go to an amusement park and enjoy a fun afternoon full of laughter with your companion.

This idea is not the most popular for a first date but it is an original plan that some choose to remove nerves and connect with the other person in a less usual way.

  1. A picnic

 Do you like to enjoy a nice lunch on your first date? In Buscatea we propose some viewpoints that you may like to spend a romantic moment seeing good views.

In Madrid the viewpoint of El Pardo in the district of Fuencarral is a good choice for picnics, it has several green spaces with small wooden tables where you can spread your best tablecloth.

In Mallorca the best space to go for a picnic is Cala Cávia near the town of Magaluf is a perfect space to spend a good lunch as well as seeing spectacular views of the city of Palma.

  1. A romantic dinner

Are you the typical flirt who doesn't like to get out of the classically established? Do you like to fill your stomach on the first date? In Buscatea we recommend a perfect restaurant so that your first date goes perfectly.

BUNJI is an innovative restaurant located on Calle Juan Ramón Jiménez, near the Cuzco metro in the heart of Madrid's Castellana. This new restaurant has given a lot of echo in social networks and apart from the variety of dishes, the highlight of the restaurant is its staging. A different site is always a good bet for a first date.

Do you like more classic sites? Makkila is a great option for dinner on a first date. A small place, with candles on the tables, a more cozy place can also be a good bet to be comfortable on your first date.

Whatever restaurant you choose, this plan is always a full-blown success.

  1. Racecourse, Safari, Skating…

Other original plans that you can choose for a first date is to go see a horse race at a Hippodrome, the best known and the one that has become more fashionable in recent months is the Zarzuela.

You can also opt for an African adventure in the middle of the city, a Safari is sometimes the bet chosen for the most adventurous.

And finally if you like to practice a sport, ice skating in winter is a romantic option to choose on a first date.

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