It's never too late to train

Maria Mendoza
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Have you already signed up for thousands of LinkedIn offers and they don't call you? In this situation of desperation there are many people who make the decision to study again, because it is never too late to acquire new knowledge or strengthen what you have. This decision to take the notes, the pen and start studying again may be encouraged by the interest of finishing a training they had started, to expand their knowledge or acquire new ones in other sectors or simply to update, to be up to date with new trends.

Whether one reason or another, it is many people who, being unemployed, launch themselves into new challenges that can open the doors of the world of work again. In Buscatea we answer one of the questions that if you find yourself in this situation you have ever asked , why study when you are unemployed?

Unemployment is an opportunity to study an opposition

It is never too late to study an opposition, there are many who after several years of unemployment are launching into this exit. An opposition can be the gateway to the world of work for those who are constant in their goals. In some cases preparing an opposition is a complicated task because you have to combine it with many other tasks (work, children, household chores …) but this work option becomes easier when you are unemployed.

Being unemployed may seem a priori something negative, but it all depends on the point of view that we look at it. The most optimistic take this situation as a new job opportunity and look for different ways to return in a better way to the world of work. And many times one of those avenues is opposition.

Differentiating yourself from others can open new doors

 Many unemployed people choose to sign up for a training course to acquire new knowledge. Signing up for a professional course related to your studies can help you improve your skills. Others, however, choose to give visibility to the solidarity that one carries inside and collaborate in an NGO and after months collaborating in it they can get a remuneration. Helping others is always a good option.

And many others unemployed get their creative skills and throw themselves into the opportunities that entrepreneurship gives by creating their own business, becoming their own bosses and in many cases getting that small business they have created to be their most valued work in all their work experience. Personal projects are often the greatest work and personal satisfaction of the human being.

And some bet on learning a language or reinforcing that English that many of us have as a pending subject since we left high school. There are many adult-oriented language schools that are always a good option.

Take one exit or another when you are unemployed, the important thing is to know how to differentiate yourself from others because that difference is what often opens the doors to a possible job. Differentiation is the door to the dream job.

Sport an escape route when you are unemployed

Sport is always a good option when you are going through a complicated time because it helps to disconnect and clear the mind, in addition to providing you with the care of a good physical shape. Lovers of this social discipline choose at this time to sign up for a course of their favorite sport to take advantage of free time and to continue excited about something they like in a complicated moment.

The important thing is to do things that help you clear your mind either in one way or another.

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