Best Canine Daycare and Pet Hotels

Maria Mendoza

Canine daycare centers and hotels for your pets are one of the best alternatives for when you have a family event and you can not take them. Do you travel a lot and can't take your dogs? Do you have a work meeting abroad and need a hotel where to leave your pet? Looking for a daycare to drop off your dog when you have a doctor's appointment? Next, we tell you some of the best dog nurseries and hotels for your pet. Ready to discover them? Canine daycare fulfills the function of taking care of your pets for a limited time, that is, a few hours a day, but the dog will always sleep in your house. However, canine hotels are intended for long periods of time, usually used on vacation, when you can not take your dog. Also, both places are perfect to have your pet taken care of when you can not do it yourself. Therefore, from Buscatea we have made a selection of different canine nurseries and pet hotels in Spain, so you can leave your pet. 1. WAG WAG – Avenida de Méndez Pelayo, 9 (Madrid) WAG WAG It is a canine nursery that has been taking care of all types of pets since 2016. Its schedule is from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., that is, the dog can be all day, until its owner picks it up. An option for your dog to socialize with other dogs and make friends for life. As for the facilities of this canine nursery has spacious and safe games rooms. Dogs will be divided into groups, depending on the size, age and character of the pet. Also, a professional will be with them at all times, to monitor them. 2. The Happy Dog – Home collection (Barcelona) This canine day care center in Barcelona has an advantage that other nurseries do not have and that is that one of its professionals takes care of your pet in your own home. That is, they move to your house and stay with your pet as long as you need. They also walk your pet and give them the food that you give them. They work in Barcelona South and Tarragona. You can also leave your pet at the caregiver's home with garden areas. This alternative of traditional day care centers was born from the love and affection that its founders feel towards animals. 3. Montegatto – Oza de Ríos (A Coruña) Montegatto It is one of the best canine hotels in Galicia. Guests have a 90 cm bed adapted to their needs, carpets to insulate from the floor, piped music, table to store their things and an air-conditioned room. Also, if your pet needs medication, his caregivers will give it to him. As for the facilities, they have 9 patios with 24-hour surveillance. Dogs can play divided into groups according to size, to avoid mishaps. And if at the time of collection of the animal, you can not come, they have home service. In addition, they have other services such as: hairdressing, bathing and drying, training and special games such as races. 4. Residence Los Perales – Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) Los Perales ResidenceIt is a canine residence that has different types of accommodation: individual accommodations of 22 m2, accommodations of 33 m2 and rooms of 43 m2 (to share with other dogs). All accommodations have a covered part with a hut and another with a garden. As for the cost for dogs is € 15 per day, € 300 for 30 days and € 540 for 60 days. It also has the day care service, for those animals that only need this residence for a few hours. Here are some of the best pet-friendly hotels and dog daycare in Spain. But, there are many more, you just have to find the one you like the most for your pet.

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