Online psychological help is one of the best options for those people who are embarrassed to go to a psychologist in person.

Mental health is equally or even more important than physical health. But, many times we do not consider it important and we do not go to the experts, that is, to the psychologists. And sometimes those problems that we may have, when not treated, become our worst nightmare, a specific moment in our lives. Therefore, it is important to go to a psychologist who gives us therapy to get out of the rut we are going through. Many people do not go to this type of professionals for different reasons, some of the most common are these: for shame, for not having a psychologist near our house, for living in a town that does not have this service or even for stubbornness of trying to solve our own problems without help. But these unforeseen events or difficulties have an easy solution, thanks to the era of digitalization. Since the coronavirus pandemic, many essential or necessary services for society had to reinvent themselves, to help those who needed them. And one of those sectors was psychology, thousands of patients stayed without their help to get ahead. But thanks to new technologies, these consultations began to be made online. Psychological Help An online psychological help that was born in the pandemic, but that has come to stay. So that all those who have problems going to a psychologist, can already do so, through online consultations. Mental health is becoming one of the main causes of suicides in Spain, according to several reports from the World Health Organization (WHO). Therefore, from Buscatea we are committed to taking care of it, going to psychologists in person or online, according to the needs of each patient. As for the benefits of online psychological consultations, some of the most striking are the following:

  • There are no geographical barriers, you can have a consultation from anywhere in the World Time saving, no need to travel to the consultation
  • Flexible hours and greater comfort
  • Greater degree of confidentiality, no one will know if you have started a therapy or not
  • Follow-up of therapy without interruptions, Being online you can go about your daily life, and follow the treatment
  • Cost savings
  • The sessions can be enhanced by a greater number of audiovisual content to explain the different aspects of therapy
  • Therapeutic adherence, the patient is the one who chooses the place where he will start and follow the treatment
  • Same effectiveness as face-to-face therapy, This modality obtains the same results as if it is face-to-face How we can observe this type of online psychological help has many advantages over traditional face-to-face therapy.

Therefore, there are many patients who have become a little more technological and have opted for this type of online help. That is, going to a psychologist even online is available to everyone. Unless the main drawback is the cost of consultations. But for this type of problem, there are many clinics that have a financing plan. Since no one should stop receiving psychological help for economic difficulties. And where are you in your life? Do you need a boost of self-esteem? Are you overcoming a breakup? Did you just experience your parents’ divorce? The loss of a loved one? For any problem you can imagine, there is psychological help online, so you can take in a more relaxed way that anguish you are suffering.

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