Autocine Race In Madrid

Maria Mendoza


Do you like cinema? Do you want to be surprised when watching a movie in a different way? Are you passionate about watching the cinematic classics on the big screen and in the original version? From Buscatea we propose one of the most famous plans in the summer season. Do you know what we are talking about? If you have no idea yet, do not miss what we are going to tell you next.
For decades there have been the famous summer cinemas typical of Spanish villages, every week in the town square or in the bullring of that town one of the films that have captivated both children and adults was projected. But, for a few years came to the Spanish capital, the well-known Autocine Race, bringing to the capital a different way of watching movies.
The typical seats of traditional movie theaters were no longer the protagonists, these were exchanged for the seats of our own cars, the place where we went to see the classic cinematographic.

Autocine Race madrid
Strange? A priori it seemed a daring and unglamorous idea for the crazy of the cinema but, soon it became one of the new trends and every day the esplanade of the Autocine Race located in the neighborhood of Chamartín was filled with cars of all sizes. A unique site with a capacity for 350 cars.
In addition, COVID has turned this and other similar places into an ideal space to "go to the movies" in a safe environment such as the family car.
But this place not only consists of an esplanade where you can park your car and a large screen where you can watch a movie, but also has a space where the most gochos can fill their stomach thanks to its variety of food. Its menu has from hamburgers to puppies through sandwiches. If you want to dine while watching your favorite movie you can do it thanks to its Food Truck stalls located around the esplanade.

Food Truck
Thanks to the great success they have achieved in a short time this small magical place where dreams can come true during the duration of the short film, they have started other types of projects apart from the projection of films.
One of the favorite plans for families or young people are known as Rita's Brunch, a party that is held every weekend in this spectacular venue overlooking the skyline of the city, DJ's, gastronomy and endless shows with live music. An incredible plan to spend it with the family. It is a daytime leisure alternative with a movie atmosphere.
In addition they also have the night session that lasts until 2 in the morning and is one of the preferred options for young people who have stopped going to the typical nightclubs. Those attending this evening event can dance while drinking their favorite cocktail.
An alternative to the classic nightlife and a different place adapted to the new reality after the coronavirus crisis. Are you going to let them tell you? Do not think twice and come and spend an unforgettable afternoon or night.

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