Decoration and interior design in Madrid

Maria Mendoza
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Decoration and interior design is one of the most important aspects to have your home, company or property always in perfect condition.

Are you looking to design your new home with the best trends in the market? Do you want a professional in interior design to decorate your new property? Next, we tell you the secrets of decoration and we present one of the best interior design companies in Madrid. Ready to find out?

Before we start telling you some curiosities of this architectural branch, we want to reveal what exactly interior design is. Considered a discipline that intervenes in the course of improving an interior space. The professional who is dedicated to this discipline works with the volume and space to improve, composing technical and creative aspects. In this way, it is aspired that the places of the property are comfortable, aesthetic and functional.

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It seems that when we talk about interior design we are talking about decoration of a space. But, it's not exactly the same. How are the two concepts different? We'll tell you right now.

Interior design is based on the way to update a space according to the needs of a client. The professional of this work is responsible for creating a suitable place according to the required indications. Normally he usually performs his work in spaces already built. Also, the interior designer must have certain notions of architecture. Nor should you think only about the aesthetic beauty of the space but also about its functionality.

Meanwhile, the decoration is responsible for improving the aesthetic appearance of a space, trying to create harmony and visual beauty. The decorator performs the task of improving a space but without modifying it, that is the big difference that exists with the interior designer. In addition, the decorator can play with colors, lighting or reorganize the space with the aim of making it visual.

As for the factors that must be taken into account in interior design, some of the most important are the following:

  • Mix of styles: use colors not only in the textile parts but also in the furniture or walls, to create a more contemporary space.
  • Coatings: we must take into account the purpose of the space (so that it is going to be used and designed according to its use), substance of the material (take into account the qualities of the materials so as not to cause damage) and installation (as economical as possible).
  • Lighting: choose the shape of the lamps according to our style and without forgetting that they are used to create prominence.
  • Acoustics: the design must fit with the activities that are going to be carried out in that space.
  • Color: depends on the client and the meaning he wants to give to that space.

One of the best decoration and interior design companies in Madrid is BANNI an interior studio that has extensive experience in the sector. And they have the best materials to design a new space. It is based in several cities including Madrid and Barcelona. And they are able to leave your property as if it were new.

Have we left you speechless? If you have a decoration or interior design company and want to appear in our article to make yourself known. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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