Plans to Do At A Bachelorette Party

Maria Mendoza


Do you have a friend who is getting married soon and you are already preparing her bachelorette party? Do you have several ideas in mind but need guidance or some more suggestions to decide 100%? From Buscatea in the following article we recommend some of the best plans for a bachelorette party.

1. A costume party

The traditional costume parties is one of the topics in a bachelorette party. But disguising the girlfriend of one of the characters of your favorite series or making a costume with the silhouette of your favorite alcohol bottle, is one of the most original ideas for that costume party that you are about to mount.

2. A special trip

Many groups of friends decide to take the bride on a weekend trip to prepare a series of activities. One of the most demanded destinations for bachelorette parties is Malta, a paradisiacal place in Europe that will make you enjoy the good weather, the sun, the beach and especially the party with your group of friends and above all you will make the future bride have a great time.

A special trip

3. A private party

Another alternative for a bachelorette party is to rent a farm usually in a rural environment and make a surprise party with the closest friends. Many friends organize this alternative around a specific theme and carry out tests and activities throughout the night in relation to that theme. A very good option for the most partying brides.

4. A gymkhana

A Gymkhana is one of the most fun options for a bachelorette party. There are many groups of friends who decide on this option and organize a series of tests through the streets of their city. The bride has to solve all the tests to reach a final test and have a surprise, which is sometimes a gift, a nice dinner or if the theme of the Gymkhana is princesses, a recuentro with her future husband.

5. Water activities

There are some brides who more than human look like mermaids because if it were up to them they would live in the water. For these water brides the best option is to make a day with a lot of water activities. One of the most popular destinations for these activities is the San Juan Reservoir in Madrid or the Alcázar Reservoir also in the capital of Madrid.

Aquatic activities

6. Safari

One of the best and most fashionable experiences is to spend a day at the Madrid Safari. It is one of the most special alternatives for those brides who are animal lovers. The Madrid Safari is the favorite place for a bachelorette party, you can always dress up the bride of your favorite animal and thus the experience is much more fun.

7. Adrenaline-filled activities

For the more adventurous you can organize a bachelorette party through activities full of adrenaline such as: bungee jumping, skydiving, karting or even a quad session. A great idea for those brides who are all day looking for activities to play with adrenaline and extreme risk.
Whatever your option, surely the bride has a great time enjoying her last days of singleness.

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