TYPICAL dishes of Madrid

Maria Mendoza


Would you like to know what dishes are the most common in the capital? From Buscatea we tell you some of them in the following article.

1. Cocido madrileño

One of the most traditional foods and that in all houses is made in a different way is the cocido madrileño. In the Plaza Mayor of Madrid you can find many places where this incredible dish is served with all the love it deserves, because tradition never dies.

2. Squid Sandwich

Squid sandwich

One of the classics you should try if you visit the Spanish capital is the squid sandwich, one of the best sandwiches you've ever tasted. In the bars of the Plaza Mayor or Calle Monteras they are the best, although you can also eat them in any tavern near the Puerta de Álcala or the Retiro Park.

3. Fried eggs

This spectacular starter forms the typical cuisine of Madrid and are authentic fried eggs on delicious chips accompanied by ham, chorizo or chistorra. You can try this amazing dish on any terrace in Madrid.

4. Snails a la madrileña

They are a classic of the bars of Madrid. They are usually served in a clay pot and usually as a tapa, accompanied by a good red or white wine, according to the preference of the diner. This traditional recipe keeps its best treasure in preparing a good sauce based on meat broth accompanied by the following sausages generally, ham and chorizo.

5. Tripe a la madrileña

Without hesitation, the tripe a la madrileña together with the cocido madrileño make up 2 of the most typical dishes of Madrid. The tripe a la madrileña is a main dish and very difficult to be ordered for those who have not tried them once. It is composed of snout and beef casings, which must be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly, and then cooked.

6. Madrid sea bream

For fish lovers, this exquisite dish is sure to be one of the preferred options for those who bet more on the sea than on meat. It is usually grilled and is usually accompanied by some boiled potatoes, depending on the restaurant in which you are served.

7. French toast

One of the most traditional desserts in Madrid, although its most common date to eat them is usually Easter, in any restaurant in the center of the capital they serve them throughout the year. They are one of the desserts most demanded by tourists who visit the Spanish capital every year.

Torrijas in Madrid

8. Churros

These sweets are also one of the classic Madrid desserts. One of the most common churrerías is that of San Ginés where especially in winter its clientele usually queues in the street to acquire what for many are the best churros in the capital. In addition to its exquisite hot chocolate made in an artisanal way.
These are just some of the most common dishes of Madrid's gastronomy, although there are many more. Madrid is one of the cities that for many is considered the cradle of traditional cuisine.

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