Press releases are one of the services of Buscatea, which will help you position your brand, with respect to the competition. Do you want to know its advantages?

Since the birth of new technologies, there are many companies that are relentlessly looking for ways to make themselves known in the new world of the Internet. There are many who develop great communication strategies oriented to social networks. Others invest in advertising campaigns or the realization of a successful website . But some light bulb goes on and think of the media, one of the most powerful forces of influence in today’s society.

Therefore, the website Buscatea in addition to offering services such as the writing of articles of the different companies and descriptions about them. Also, they make available to the client the opportunity to make a press release about their company, to send it to the media and that they themselves publish it, to publicize your own company, in the newspapers.

Also, if your company is newly created or has been competing in the market for a short time. This service could provide you with a number of advantages, which perhaps your closest competitors do not have. Thanks to the hiring of press releases, you could grow your company, in less time.

Since this service helps companies to have a better positioning of their brand, win customers with respect to their competition. And above all, have greater visibility of your company, in more than 80 prestigious newspapers , such as El Español, Europa Press, Periodista Digital or El Confidencial Digital. A hard lead to match, right?

Thanks to this service of press releases published in the media with the largest audience in the country, you can reach a number of readers between 700 and 900. In addition, to publicize your company, as we have said before, this service, will help your target audience know the services of your company and access them. That is, you would gain new customers and empower those who already know you. And all this, sending a press release, which is one of the best services offered by Buscatea. Have we left you with your mouth open? Well, there’s more. Are you going to miss it?

Among the most outstanding advantages of this service, the team of professionals of Buscatea, highlights the following: apart from the press release, your company will also have a file, highlighting your services, which will be published in the corresponding sector, for 12 months. A text for the Buscatea blog highlighting those keywords, which most define your company. Also, both the file and the article will have links to your website and Google Map Citation, which helps readers find your company on the map.

In addition, the team of editors of Buscatea will publish a post on the different social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) about your company. All this, with the greatest possible care and originality , to attract the reader’s attention. And above all, so that the potential client of your company, acquires your services, as soon as possible.

Also, if you hire the Buscatea press release service, it will help you improve your position in the main Internet search engines (Google and Bing). In addition, it will serve so that you can connect your business or company with a greater number of customers, in a shorter time. And also, you can save the expense of advertising, since the media have a larger audience and can reach a greater number of people.

As we can see, press releases are one of the most useful services that a company can hire, if it intends to improve its visibility and positioning on the Internet. It will also help increase visits to your website and therefore to your services.

In addition, as we all know firsthand, the media decide what topics are talked about in society. That is, everything that appears on television, is heard on the radio or read in newspapers, are those topics that interest people at a social level.

But, you have stopped to think, that perhaps one of those issues in the short term, may be the services, advantages and benefits that your company has. As many journalism experts say, if you are in the media, they will talk about you. But, if you are not, no one will know you.

Therefore, investing in press releases to publicize your company is one of the best business alternatives. And Buscatea, offers that service, added to all the previous ones, that is, all in one pack. Don’t you think it’s a great opportunity?

You can not think about it anymore, the time has come to make the leap in quality and prestige that your company or business needs. Are you going to keep thinking about it?

Contact the team of professionals of Buscatea and they themselves advise you on how you can get the most out of your company. They will help you define the keywords of your services, the advantages you have over the competition etc. In just one click your company can be known worldwide.

All this will be reflected in the press release that will be sent to the media, in the file that will be published for a year in Buscatea and the post to Buscatea’s own blog. All inclusive. Quite a luxury, right?

Trust Buscatea to grow in the digital world and get more customers, which as a consequence would cause an increase in your sales and a greater income for you and your company.

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