Restaurants for bachelorette parties

Maria Mendoza
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Last days of singleness?: 5 restaurants for bachelorette parties

 Bachelorette parties are back. And Madrid is still the benchmark city in terms of nightlife, so many choose the Spanish capital to celebrate their bachelorette party. Fun restaurants, spectacular nightclubs and charming places make this city the best destination for different and unforgettable group farewells. If you want to say goodbye to a very special day in good company and with an exceptional atmosphere from Buscatea we chiamos five places to leave singleness behind. Make a difference and bet on a farewell full of good vibes. Do you dare with a night of challenges, dances, karaoke and lots of laughter? We started!

  1. This is Hollywood – C. de Julián Romea

The surprises for the bride will arrive at the same door of the restaurant where you will be received by the funny actors of the show and already in the same street the jokes, the jokes will begin and even the bride will have to mark a dance with our comedians who will later accompany you to your table and invite you to go up with them to the stage to take all funny pictures together in our original photocall.

One of the best places to celebrate a bachelorette party and have a great time with your friends. Also at the end of the show the fun does not end since our place has a restaurant and disco so at the end of the animations you can stay dancing and enjoying the night until 06.00 in the morning.

  1. Fun Theater – Av. By Alberto Alcocer 43

For the funniest and party farewells your site has a name and surname " The Theater of Fun" and with that name you can already imagine that it is one of the funniest farewell restaurants in the capital.

Located on Av. De Alberto Alcocer 43, is the perfect place to start sparking the night from minute 1. The master of luxury ceremonies, will be waiting for you accompanied by her Drag Queens to start a dinner of the most lively and fun where you will enjoy the craziest shows, their contests and original choreographies.

  1. The Temple of Pleasure – Av. de Alberto de Alcocer, 32

In the Temple of Pleasure the first to receive you will be the boss of the mafia, two mafiosi and two mafiosas will be with you throughout the night "they will be the entertainers". Very attentive to them because they will be responsible for everything that happens inside the premises, games, contests …

Between plates the laughs are assured, we will start with some monologues we will continue with a show of a Drag Queen and we will end the night in a very, very spicy way … Erotic shows for boys and girls. In the most sensual and elegant way, the honorees of the night will be the protagonists. Prepared? The night has just begun, the next step is to continue the party in your disco!

4. The Time Machine – C. by Julian Romea, 4,

Never a night gave so much, and is that when you enter the restaurant of The Time Machine the clock stops marking the hours to make a tour of all the musical eras. So if you like the classics prepare that bangs to "rock and roll" to the rhythm of the best rock of the 50s and 60s, make a leap to the hippie roll of the 70s and 80s reviving the Madrid movement and end with the best songs of the 90s and 2000.

5. Party Restaurant – C. Major, 33

As its name suggests, the Party Restaurant is the restaurant of party, humor and fun where you will enjoy the best night of your life in an authentic disco-restaurant special for bachelorette parties. Atmosphere!

In it you will enjoy a complete: Dinner, amazing shows in which everyone and especially the brides and grooms will be the protagonists and a great disco where you can dance and have drinks until dawn.

Ready to enjoy the last days of singleness? In Buscatea we love bachelorette parties and therefore we recommend one of these places in the Spanish capital to have a great time.

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