Restaurants Where Movies Have Been Shot In Madrid

Maria Mendoza

When you watch a movie would you like to know where it was shot? Do seeing it sometimes bring back memories of your younger years? Imagine that we have moved to the year 2030 and you sit on the couch of your house on a Saturday night and you put on one of those movies that remind you of the old bar that you used to go with your friends before partying, or that mythical karaoke room where you have spent nights that will go down in history. From Buscatea we unearth those forgotten memories in the bottom of a trunk telling you that restaurants in Madrid have been the scene of some memorable films in the world of cinema. Ready to find out?

1. Under the Same Roof (2018)

The couple protagonist of this film lives in a dream house, but their coexistence begins to worsen when their only daughter decides to go to work in Malta and both are left alone in a house that is large for them. Although the main reason why Nadia asks for a divorce is the sit-in that her husband Adrián gives her the night they are going to celebrate their 50th birthday in a luxury restaurant in Madrid. That luxury restaurant where Nadia was forced to take all the dishes on the menu alone is the Opium Madrid, the exclusive party room located on José Abascal Street, in addition to a cocktail bar includes an elegant lounge-restaurant inside.

This famous restaurant is still open and you can go and sit at the same table where the protagonists of this film comedy were.

2. Wednesdays Don't Exist (2015)

Many of the stories in this film have well-known bars and restaurants in the capital of Madrid as well-known settings. And from the beginning of the film it starts with a musical number starring María León in the old Bocablo, a gastronomic space of the Iberostar Las Letras Hotel on Gran Vía (currently occupied by Gran Chavel). But this is not the only Madrid restaurant that appears in the film. There are also scenes in the Diurno on Calle San Marcos 37, the café-bar of Chueca where the two protagonists meet, Mara who is working at one of the tables and Pablo who goes to the café after being fired from his job.

3. The Killer of Whims (2019)

Maribel Verdú and Aura Garrido are the protagonists and inspectors in charge of investigating a series of crimes committed in Madrid. A convoluted case that is complicated by the tense relationship between the two police and this prevents Aura from inviting her partner to the birthday party she celebrates at the Beer Station located on Cuesta de Santo Domingo 22, this brewery, in addition to its extensive catalog of international beers, is well known among the public fond of monologues for the stand up comedy shows held there.

4. Truman (2015)

The neighborhoods of Salesas and Chueca host a good part of the locations of what was the great winner of the Goya Awards in 2016, ' Truman'. During the more than 100 minutes that the film lasts, we will see its two protagonists, Julián (Ricardo Darín) and Tomás (Javier Cámara), visit different cafes, restaurants and shops in the area while looking for the right person to take care of Truman, Julián's dog.One of the settings they choose to go to lunch is Dstage on Calle Regueros 8, Diego Guerrero's two-star restaurant . There are also scenes in Finnegan's Irish Pub in Plaza de Las Salesas, 9 and in the Barrio de las Letras in Casa Pueblo on Calle León 3.

5. Father There Is Only One (2019)

The famous comedy starring Santiago Segura has scenes in one of the most famous restaurants in Madrid, it is the Piemontesa located on Avenida de los Andes 48, specializing in Italian food.

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