Different positions for having sex elevate pleasure and increase the chance that men and women climax together. Without the sexual positions, this whole experience would be monotonous and boring for both parties. Luckily this is not the case because the great attraction of sex in all its facets lies in the possibilities of movement and the enjoyment that this implies. Sexual pleasure is accompanied by creativity and commitment that is put in the room, here the most important thing about sexual positions is that they promote desire and enjoyment through passion.

The best sexual positions Before starting you must remember that communication between the couple is the key. Also, you must start gradually to ignite the desire, for this you can first give a relaxing erotic massage. Once aroused, you can proceed to choose some of the sexual positions that will ensure you an unforgettable night:

  • Lotus Flower: this position is ideal for those who want to have eye contact for a long time, and also to be able to share a slow and synchronized orgasm, it is undoubtedly one of the most spicy and sensual positions since the rhythm will guide them and will be very exciting for both. Legs to the shoulder: it is designed for deep penetration, it all depends on the condition and frequency of movement that the couple has. This position will provide an orgasm very easily. On the edge of the bed: it is one of the most pleasant because it often involves an intimate and very passionate approach. The lovers have to stand on the edge of the surface of the bed, here the man will be the support and the woman will carry the rhythm of penetration. The teaspoon: leads to excessive euphoria, also strengthens the passion and romance between the couple. To do it they must be placed on a flat surface and that is comfortable; This position is very fun for both of them because they intensify the excitements in the clitoris. Coital alignment: If your partner is clitoral, this position is for her, as it is designed to stimulate the clitoris in a new version of the missionary. She has her legs closed and the man has her legs slightly open.  

If you do the movement correctly you will be able to stimulate it very pleasantly since you can feel all the curves of the vagina and thus perform a complete and very pleasant stimulation.

  • Trapezium: the woman has to be placed on her back, while you begin to travel her entire body from the lower legs to the mouth and then penetration begins. The man is the one who sets the pace in this position and it is best to increase the strength and intensity of the movement. Elevated, against the wall: as the name implies, together they will use the wall as a point of support when having sex.

This position requires that the man has the necessary strength to hold his wife at the time of penetration. This experience is very funny, because the man has control over the situation and there is also an air of mischief and complicity between the two.

  • The ladder: in this position you must stand on a ladder imagining the movement of climbing a step, this means one foot up and one down.

You must be aware that you have to be on the edge of the ladder so that your partner can approach and has to stand in front of the penis and begin the gentle penetration.

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