Erogenous zones and their importance

Maria Mendoza
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Explore your erogenous zones

Enjoying our sexuality goes beyond having good sex, it is knowing our body, taking care of it and knowing how to identify what it needs, so knowing what and what are the erogenous zones, will help us greatly when it comes to feeling pleasure fully.

Delicately explore your body, as well as your partner's. The erogenous zones are those that when stimulated correctly provide pleasure and a feeling of bodily and sexual well-being.

Full and healthy sexuality

In both men and women erogenous zones are present, and their importance lies in the inescapable fact that to have a full sexuality, it must be explored beyond the sexual act itself.

The sensitivity and degree of pleasure that these areas provide when stimulated vary according to gender, but whether they cover or are scattered throughout the skin.

In the head, lobes, abdomen and feet, the options are multiple, you just have to learn to know, identify and stimulate them properly.

Erogenous zones

Women and men: our erogenous zones

  1. The scalp: it is a sensitive area in itself, its correct stimulation could provide a feeling of relaxation, and awaken confidence and comfort in the person receiving the stimulation.
  • The neck: it is an erogenous zone par excellence, kisses and caresses here are essential if you want to provide true pleasure. Therefore, you should never forget to pay special attention to this part of our body, although when you have sex or simply when it comes to caresses.
  • The nipples: its sensitivity, makes it a delicate area, but at the same time a specific area if you really want to enjoy sexuality in all the extension of the word.

The stimulation of this area should be done with tact, although there are people who like to feel a little pressure on that body part.

  • The back: from fullness to pleasant little chills, this area is one with which you can experiment from the sexual plane or from the massages themselves.

The key to good stimulation will not only lie in recognizing the erogenous zones, but the techniques and implements used for it.

  • The inner thighs: Both men and women experience a sensation of pleasure and excitement in this particular area, due to its proximity to the genitals. An erotic massage here, with caresses and kisses will arouse curiosity and that will influence the enjoyment of the moment.

Eroticism is essential if you want to have a healthy and interesting relationship, these caresses give anyone who dares to be aware of the importance of their sexual and energy load, the perfect alternative to de-stress, release tensions and above all learn what your body really needs.

Get to know you!

If you are alone and want to explore your erogenous zones even more, you can be accompanied by true specialists in erotic massages in Madrid.

Not only can you have a different time, connecting your mind with your body but also learn about your own body and the importance of stimulating your erogenous zones, if you are really interested in your sexual well-being.

Erotic massages Marabu Madrid offers you a pleasant, modern and intimate atmosphere. You can disconnect from daily stress, give priority to your bodily needs, and pamper yourself as a being of love, remember that only by taking care of yourself properly is that you will get a healthy mind and body.

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