Team building activity helps beat post-holiday depression

Maria Mendoza
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Why can a team building activity help beat post-holiday depression?

Keys to a positive return to work and with a united team.

September will always be a month of new beginnings. From the earliest childhood this month is lived as the end of the holidays and the return to routine, with all that that implies. But, nostalgia aside, this article points out the positive aspects of returning to work and how a joint company activity can help overcome the dreaded post-holiday depression.

Sadness, apathy, tiredness or lack of concentration are some of the most common symptoms of depression or post-holiday stress. Something that can be alleviated by valuing the pros of the work: new challenges or projects, the development of skills or strengths and, above all, colleagues.

Psychologists recommend strengthening relationships with co-workers as a way to help return to work routine. One of the best ways to do this is through a team building activity and these are the reasons:

  • It brings new challenges. This helps motivate workers who come together for a common goal while performing an activity novel for them.
  • Break with the routine. Many times it is feared to return to work because it is afraid to start a boring routine, precisely the team builders take workers out of their comfort zone with a novel and unique activity.
  • Provide moments of fun. Humor is one of the things that help most in the day to day to remove weight from problems, so sharing a fun time with colleagues will release tensions and fill the work environment with positivism.
  • Encourage creativity. In team building activities, creativity can be used in many ways: designing something original as a team or looking for a creative solution to an unknown enigma or challenge. Doing something creative fosters the interest and desire to innovate so necessary in the return to work.
  • Discovery of facets of unknown companions. Many times you only know your colleagues in the work environment and you don’t know what they are really like. Through a team building activity, all barriers are broken and a dynamic is given way where everyone participates, communicates and enjoys. In this way, they discover points in common that they did not know they had as hobbies or similar ways of facing surprising situations.

After knowing the reasons why a team building can help the return to work, it is necessary to know what kind of activities are the most recommended. Among the perfect team building activities, urban gymkanas such as those of Monkey Donkey stand out, which also discover unknown areas of the city, making an interest in the area where they live and work resurface. Also ideal are the live cluedos, where a 100% immersive experience is lived in which all attendees will be the protagonists of a mystery story, in which they will change their typical roles and adapt to improvised situations.

Everything is ready for a new course full of vitality and positivism to begin!

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