The best cosmetic surgery clinics in Spain

Maria Mendoza
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Do you want to have some facial touch-ups? Do you need image advice in an aesthetic clinic? Here we tell you some of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Spain.

Ready to find out?
Many people seek at some point in their lives to have a touch up on the skin, correction of facial imperfections or an augmentation of breast or lips. Therefore, from Buscatea we explain the treatments available to some of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Spain.
Before revealing the secret of which are the best cosmetic surgery clinics, we want to tell you what cosmetic surgery consists of, understood as; The medical specialty whose sole purpose is the modification or improvement of imperfections of innate or evolutionary origin, which needs a composure of the shape of the skin and its own function.
Once you understand the purpose that cosmetic surgery seeks, the time comes when you know which are some of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Spain. Ready to find out?
1. EsVital Clinic – Calle López de Hoyos, 15

EsVital ClinicIt is a Madrid clinic with extensive experience in the cosmetic surgery sector. It stands out for its exclusivity in each of its services, kindness and cordiality with patients. Its services are developed in the following areas of action: aesthetic medicine with treatments such as tensioning threads, Dermapen, Skinbooster, resorbable dermal filler, among others.
Cosmetic surgery with treatments such as Bichat bags, Blepharoplasty or Mastopexy. Aesthetics and nutrition are other areas in which they have services for patients.

2. Dorsia – Alcala Street, 186

DorsiaDorsia is one of the most important and best valued cosmetic surgery chains in Spain, according to many of its patients. It is considered one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics, thanks to its experience in the sector and its treatment and closeness in each of its treatments. They are leaders in the sector.
Among its most demanded treatments are the following: breast surgery (one of its most requested services by Spanish women), nutrition and obesity with treatments such as: POSE method or Minerva 15. Facial fillers, micropigmentation, liposuction, otoplasty or alopecia treatment, are other services.

3. Millán Mateo Clinic – Calle General Díaz Porlier, 78

Millán Mateo ClinicThis aesthetic surgery clinic in Madrid has become a benchmark in the aesthetic medicine sector throughout Spain, thanks to the use of its avant-garde techniques in plastic surgery treatments, the least invasive methods and above all for its incredible quality in the results of its patients. Their experience of more than 35 years supports them.
Its services include the following: breast augmentation, ultrasonic rhinoplasty, facelift, lip augmentation, laser aesthetics, treatment with Vistabel Botox, among others.

4. Barragán Clinic – Calle Moscatelar, 14

Barragán ClinicOne of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Madrid, according to many of its patients, who value their treatments on the TopDoctors website with excellent grades. With an experience of more than 30 years behind him in all aesthetic treatments. Another of its advantages is that it has a dentistry service with treatments such as: teeth whitening, implants and invisible orthodontics.
Its most outstanding services are the following: breast reduction or augmentation, abdomen reduction, eyelid surgery, ear surgery, laser hair removal, among other treatments.

5. EnfryClinic Aesthetic Clinic – Calle Velázquez, 111

Aesthetic Clinic EnfryClinicEnfryClinic is one of the most expert networks of cosmetic surgery clinics in the industry. It arises with the enthusiasm and perseverance of Dr. Enfry Salas, in the Dominican Republic, but over the years clinics were installed in Madrid and Malaga.
Its most outstanding services are developed in the field of aesthetic medicine and are the following: lip augmentation, filling of cheekbones, chin or dark circles, regenerating treatments, facial rejuvenation, lifting (without surgery), anti-wrinkle treatments, among many others.

6. Doctor Frade Aesthetic Clinic – Avenida del Mediterráneo, 9

Doctor Frade Aesthetic ClinicIt is a Madrid clinic specializing in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, some of its patients value its excellent work on its own website.
Among its most outstanding services are the following: rhinoplasty, otoplasty, mammoplasty, abdominoplasty, aesthetic medicine in lips and chin, among others.

7. Zurich Clinics – Paseo Sagasta, 4

Zurich ClinicsThe Zurich Clinics are part of one of the most prestigious medical chains in Spain and Europe in plastic surgery treatments, neotechnosurgery, aesthetic medicine and methods for obesity. It has several clinics that are distributed throughout the country: Barcelona, Bilbao, La Coruña, Madrid, Malaga, Mallorca, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza.
Among its most outstanding services, the following stand out: pressotherapy to reduce cellulite, acne treatments, facial rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle, tensioning threads, among others.

8. Garcilaso Clinic – Calle Garcilaso , 7

Garcilaso ClinicIt is one of the best aesthetic clinics in Spain, according to its patients. They are specialists mainly in the field of regenerative treatments. In addition to having more than 20 years of experience in the sector, they have cutting-edge technology to guarantee patients the best service.
Its services best valued by patients are the following: hair graft, cosmetic surgery such as lip augmentation, laser treatments, carboxytherapy, among others.

9. London Clinic – Avenida Eduardo Dato, 29

London ClinicThe London Clinic has a professional career of more than 20 years and is one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Spain. Its professional team is specialized in all types of surgeries such as breast augmentation, liposuction, varicose vein removal and facial operations.
He has clinical spaces in several Spanish cities: Madrid, Getafe, Murcia, Pamplona, Seville, Barcelona, Sabadell, Tarragona, Bilbao and Ciudad Real.
These are just some of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Spain, but there are many more, where you can get any of the treatments mentioned above. You just have to make an appointment in one of them and their professionals will advise you on what is the best treatment to meet the needs you are looking for.

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