The best dental clinics in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia

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Are you looking for a prestigious dentist to get a check-up? Do you have young children who need Braces and are you looking for a prestigious dental clinic? Because taking care of oral health is one of the primary needs of the human being. Here we tell you which are the best dental clinics in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.
Spain is one of the countries where health is more developed than in other European countries. And the main reason is because they have quality professionals who carry out their work with vocation and dedication.
And one of the sectors that demonstrate the most innovation and development is the oral sector. That is why some of the best clinics are located in the capitals of the main Autonomous Communities, such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, among others.


Some of the best dental clinics are located in the capital of Spain. Any oral service can be found in any of these dental clinics that we mention below, but all of them have a seal of identity that makes them different from others. Choosing one or the other is already the task of each person. Some of the best dental clinics in Madrid are the following:

1. Andes Dental Clinic (Calle Antonio López, 237)

It is one of the best valued dental clinics in Madrid, according to some of its clients who testify to its treatment and service on the TopDoctors website. It is considered one of the best dental clinics in Madrid because they have the most advanced technology in terms of utensils to perform all the services they offer. In addition, it is a clinic that is in continuous growth and innovation.
If you want to get an implant, they have all the necessary elements to avoid pain in the patient but also advise you on what is the best remedy for your pain.
As for the correction of teeth, their braces are with an orthodontics called Invisalign which is one of the most advanced methods to improve your smile. In addition they also have porcelain dental veneers that also help improve the appearance and especially to have a much more beautiful and natural smile.

2. Calvo de Mora Clinic (Calle Conde de Peñalver, 14)

It is a Maxillofacial clinic whose main objective is to achieve the satisfaction of each of its patients once they finish the treatment. To achieve this goal this dental clinic has a team of professionals in Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery who put all their dedication in each of the cases.
Among its most demanded services are the following: orthodontics that has four types (children, Invisalign, with Brackets and aesthetics), aesthetic treatments that highlight teeth whitening, dental veneers and smile design. Prostheses, implants, dental surgery, among others are the services they offer the most and for which their patients value them most, considering it one of the best dental clinics in Madrid.

3. Rojas Villas Dental Clinic (Calle Ortega y Gasset, 77)

It is one of the most prestigious dental clinics, they have been taking care of the oral health of their patients for more than 35 years. There are many who value this clinic as one of the best in Madrid. His treatment and kindness with the patient is what prevails in this dental clinic in the Barrio de Salamanca.
Some of its treatments are the following: platelet-rich plasma treatments, endodontics to remove the dental pulp, dental aesthetics, dental surgery, among others. There are many who choose this dental clinic to have any of these treatments.


The Catalan capital is also one of the cities where they have the best dental clinics. Some of the most prestigious are the ones we tell you below:

1. Puyuelo Clinic (Passatge Permanyer, 15)

The talent and training of the specialists that make up this dental clinic helps to offer more conservative diagnoses, have access to the most avant-garde materials and use the most generous techniques with the natural structure of the teeth, thus prolonging their life as much as possible.
Some of its most outstanding services are: 3D radiology, design of a perfect smile for the patient, guided and previously advised dental surgery, orthodontics, prosthetics and orthopedics. There are many Catalans who recommend this clinic for being one of the best in Barcelona.

2. Nart Dental Clinic (Carrer de Padilla, 368)

It is considered one of the best dental clinics in Barcelona because they have all the latest generation utensils to serve their patients. They tell the highlights in digital radiology including a CT scan, and the latest advances in each dental specialty.
Dr. Nart, in addition to being an eminence in his field, holds a doctorate in dentistry specializing in periodontics and implantology.

3. Barreras Dental Clinic (Avenida Pau Claris, 16)

It is considered one of the best dental clinics in the Catalan capital, according to the TopDoctors website, where they value the professionals of these clinics, according to the testimony of their patients, who consider this clinic one of the best in Barcelona and Spain.
Among the most outstanding services, in addition to the general ones of all clinics such as: prosthetics, orthodontics, implants etc. They offer others such as cavity prevention treatments or other oral discomfort.


The Valencian capital is considered one of the cities where the best dentists are found. There are many who recommend some of the best dental clinics that are located throughout the city of Valencia. Some of them are as follows:

1. Peydro Herrero Dental Clinic (C. de Sant Vicent Màrtir, 139)

In this dental clinic they design your smile using advanced dentistry techniques. Its professionals are specialists in orthodontics and dental aesthetics.
Among its most common services are: Invisalign orthodontics, invisible lingual, Damon System orthodontics, child orthodontics, whitening and immediate dental implants.

2. Portaceli Dental Clinic (Gran Vía Marqués de Turia, 44)

It is one of the best dental clinics in Valencia for its treatment and professionalism in each of its services, they have high-level specialists who guarantee an impeccable treatment to the patient.
Some of its services are: child and adult dental orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, implants and placement of dentures and dental crowns.

3. La Merced Dental Clinic (Calle Gutierre de Cetina, 34)

They are the best professionals in teeth whitening and smile correction, according to patients who express their testimonials on their website and on the TopDoctors website.
If you are looking to correct cavities and give your teeth a target again, do not hesitate to make an appointment at this clinic in Valencia, they will not disappoint you.
Choose the dental clinic you choose in all of them they will treat you like at home because they are some of the best dental clinics in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

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