A discipline that helps you escape the stress of work? The practice of yoga has become increasingly demanded among people looking to disconnect from the anxiety of long days of work, but do you know its history? In Buscatea we are committed to the well-being of both body and mind and finally we are going to reveal what is the origin of this relaxing practice, Ready to discover it?

The birth of Yoga

Regarding its origin, specialists in Indian culture have difficulty locating the birth of yoga because of its complexity in deciphering the ancestral texts of the Vedic culture. And having some text is somewhat complicated, because in that culture the transmission was oral in its origins.

Some researchers claim that the first tests of yoga took place between 10,000 and 5,000 BC. This is based on the position of the statues found, they resemble that of yogis or yoga practitioners by performing some meditation. Some data lead to think that the civilization in which yoga originated was peaceful, supportive and communal.

The goal of yoga practiced at that time, known as Brahmanism, was to seize the power of the gods by practicing intense exercises for both body and mind. It is not known with certainty how it was born – this discipline that seeks relaxation emerged, but if you know the different forms of yoga that currently exist: Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Kundalini Yoga.

Yoga today

Very few businesses manage to take off as quickly as Yoga, because this practice created to relax the body and mind, has become a great economic focus in many countries of the world, among which Spain is located. And it is that almost 500 million people in the world practice Yoga as a practice introduced into their daily routine, an activity dedicated to taking care of oneself.

This physical and mental discipline linked to meditation and the improvement of breathing is booming and circumstances such as the current coronavirus pandemic , has reinforced the interest in finding methods to promote physical and mental health.

Yoga helps, to renew energy and feel at peace and, therefore, has been a fashion trend outside India for decades. Its popularity is based on the benefits it brings, as it entails well-being and improves the quality of life of the people who practice it.

A report shows that at least65% of people who suffer or have suffered from stress throughout their lives have thought about yoga on numerous occasions. A figure that, in a society where high levels of stress prevail, it seems that the future of this mental practice has a promising future and that relaxation and meditation practices will continue to be one of the most demanded, making the wellness sector take off.

What is the best variant of yoga?

Hatha yoga is the best known and widespread in Europe and the United States, and of which more variants have emerged. The hatha, refers to the sun and the moon as a metaphor for the duality of life and the positive and negative energies that are mixed in the human body, restores the balance of the body, calms the mind in addition to redirecting the energies.

Hatha yoga, and its styles such as anusara, ashtanga, iyengar or vinyasa, reinforce control over the body to benefit such control over the mind. But, the practice of any of these variants, however dynamic, should not cause excessive exhaustion.

As we have seen, yoga is one of the most demanded relaxation practices in recent times, a discipline that helps strengthen the body and relax the mind by performing different exercises.

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