The best paella in Madrid

Maria Mendoza


Do you live in Madrid but love Valencian food? Are you a fan of paellas and want to know where the best ones are eaten outside of Valencia? From Buscatea we have looked for the answer and we are going to tell you what are the best paellas in Madrid Ready to discover it?

La Barraca – Calle de la Reina, 4

La Barraca is a traditional restaurant where with great affection its specialty is the Valencian paella and many say that it is the best in the capital. They serve the paella accompanied by a sangria that they make themselves. We will have to try it to know if what they say is true … What are you waiting for?

Samm – Calle de Carlos Caamaño, 3

With more than 40 years of history, the rice of this restaurant remains the same as the first day. And the strict palate ensure that its oven makes one of the best paellas in the Spanish capital. A trip throughout Valencia by the hand of Samm.

Casa Benigna – Calle Benigno Soto, 9

This restaurant carries behind it the history of the traditional Valencian paella. The most surprising thing about this hidden corner of Madrid is its crockery and even its way of serving rice. At Casa Benigna they present it in a patella, a container that manages to improve its texture and flavor. At least once in your life you have to come to this traditional restaurant.

Bar la Gloria – Calle del Noviciado, 2

Since 2013, Bar La Gloria cooks every Sunday a Valencian paella that has earned them to be included in the lists of the best Valencian paellas around the world. The most demanding gastronomists assure that in this bar you can eat the best paella in the entire Spanish capital.

Socarratt – Calle Manuel Malasaña, 5

Saying that the best paella can only be eaten in Valencia is like saying that the best sushi can only be eaten in Japan. This restaurant prepares a paella that transports you to the Valencian coast and, in addition, you can order it at home and eat it in the living room of your house. A good choice for a family Sunday? Do not think twice and ask for it this weekend.

The rice of Segis – Calle Infanta Mercedes, 109

In this restaurant its main protagonist is very good, the Valencian paella. One of the most special places to eat the typical paella of Valencia, in addition its way of making it is a secret that they never reveal but, that has bewitched all kinds of diners.

Paellitas Tradición – Calle de San Germán, 11

Paellitas Tradition, recently opened in the area of Nuevos Ministerios. Their paellas are made with the advice of a nutritionist since they are their individual portions of 80 grams of rice and their place takes you to that Mediterranean environment of the Levantine coast.

Whatever your choice, what is clear is that in any of these restaurants you will be transported to Valencia without thinking about it. Because gastronomy can also make you travel through the dishes.

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