One of the most used accessories by pets are their collars, but, there are many types including GPS collars used mainly for hunting dogs.

Do you want to know which are the most used?
Many owners when it comes time to change the collar to their hunting dog, do not know which one best meets their needs or which is ideal for the dog they have. Many unanswered questions, but, today is your lucky day, because in this article we recommend some of the best-selling GPS collars and best valued by experts in the aftermarket for hunting dogs.
There are many brands of dog collars and many stores where they sell them, but below we inform you about one of the best stores of GPS collars for dogs that exist.
www.collares.net is one of the best GPS collar stores in the Spanish market, its success has been growing with the experience of the years. They have one of the most striking advantages on the market, they work only with a single company, Dogtra, a brand of products for hunting dogs of high quality and with a guarantee of maximum confidence in each of their products. All the products sold in Collares.net come from this brand, one of the best on the market.
Within all the dog collars that exist, collars of three different subgroups are sold in Collares.net, according to the need that the owner of his dog is looking for. Do you want to know what they are?
1. Locator CollarsCollar GPS Pathfinder
This type of collars cover specific needs such as: control your dog at a more or less long distance, especially if you are in a place like the field, in addition the Dogtra Pathfinder system (one of the most powerful on the market) has a GPS and a technology that intelligently sends information to the owner's phone, You can safely have your dog controlled and trained anywhere. An important detail is that this necklace reaches a distance of 10 kilometers.
Also, if you need to control more than one dog, you can always buy another spare Pathfinder GPS collar, since this collar is used for when you want to train more than one dog. A perfect collar for those dogs that are intended for hunting or spending many hours walking in the countryside. You can also buy an additional receiver for the necklace, in case you lose it or the one you have is damaged.

2. GPS Training Collars
These collars have as their main function, to get your dog to obey the rules or orders that you are giving them. Also, this collar is a device that is placed on the neck of the dog to modulate and have under control the behavior of the animal in a totally remote way. Its operation is based on the emission of an electronic pulse to the dog's collar, but without producing any pain for the dog. They are one of the most used for puppies or young dogs, so that they learn more quickly.

3. Anti-bark GPS collars
One of the most useful dog collars are those considered anti-bark, since their main function is that through a vibration system the dog learns to shut up when it receives this brief vibration. One of the best bark collars is the YS 300, Anti-bark collar, from the brand Drogtra, has six levels of intensity between 2 and 7 which make the collar adaptable for dogs of all personalities. Also, this collar is submersible. And when the dog has already learned to shut up when it receives the vibration, the owner can replace the steel electrodes with plastic ones (included), thus avoiding the possibility of irritation in the neck of the animal.
Here are some of the best GPS dog collars sold in the market. If we have left you with your mouth open, do not hesitate to visit their website and choose the best collar for your dog. Are you going to keep thinking about it?

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