Are you looking for a fun Halloween plan in Madrid?


Do you want the scariest night of the year to arrive? Don't want to make the same plan every year and want to do something different? Are you looking to propose to your friends an incredible plan that they stay with their mouths open? Here we tell you some of the best plans to make the night of ghosts, vampires and undead. Ready to know the mystery of the black night?
One of the blackest nights of the year is always a date that is marked on the calendar by many Spaniards and people from all over the world. A tradition inherited from the United States, which more than 10 centuries ago arrived in Spain with the same terrifying spirit that is celebrated in the United States.
Millions of people around the world put on their best costumes with the sole purpose of giving the greatest fear to their friends. The little ones dress up and dedicate themselves to going through the houses of their neighbors with a small pumpkin where to keep the candies they give them, when they answer the mythical question of "trick or treat".
But, not to do the same thing every year, we suggest this series of different plans to make Halloween night, do you dare to discover them?
1. Halloween Live Cluedo


Playing the theme of the Cursed Circus the week or night of Halloween is one of the best alternatives to spend a night full of fright and terror. The mystery of this game has as a precedent that the Circus Illusion was burned and many people died burned by the flames. Players will have to find out through clues and riddles if the fire was provoked, how it started, someone is looking for revenge…
A perfect plan to play with friends, it is an immersive experience where excitement and mystery are assured and more on Halloween night. Do you dare to enter the mystery of the Circus Illusion where many people lost their lives?

2. Escape Room
A great plan if you really want to be scared, is the Paranormal File session, inspired by movies like 'The Warren Files' or 'The Exorcist'. A flashlight and a survival kit will be the only thing that participants have in the 90 minutes of scares and tension that lasts the game, try to leave a room of 200 square meters. The biggest difficulty is that fear takes hold of you and you cannot solve the mystery to leave the room.
2. Amusement park

Most theme parks throughout Spain, Halloween night usually do a different theme. Darkening the entire park is one of the typical things they do, and often between one attraction and another you can find zombies, ghosts even corpses walking through the same place where you walk.
In the Warner Park in Madrid, during Halloween night and the next day, visitors can enjoy the Scream House, inspired by an old Abbey in which a religious will point out the less fearful by dark rooms with classic protagonists of terror.
Rural house Renting a rural house among all your friends and celebrating Halloween night in it, is one of the most fashionable plans in recent years, because of the coronavirus pandemic. In it you can make all your friends dress up and tell scary stories, if you are one of those who like a quiet plan. For the most partygoers, you can always set up a Halloween-themed party with scary games or on the contrary you can make terrifying jokes to your friends, to find out which of them is the most fearful.
4. Terrifying gastronomy for Halloween

For those with a sweet tooth, you can always choose to do one of the most terrifying gastronomic routes that exist in Madrid.
A traditional sweet at Halloween parties are huesos de santo, or dessert made from marzipan, and fritters filled with cream and other flavors. If you are not very skilled in the kitchen, it is the perfect excuse to go out with your friends to snack on one of these terrifying dishes, which you can find in any bakery in Madrid.
5. Tour of the ghosts Another plan to do in Madrid at this time is the Tour of the Ghosts
, in which they tell us about them, mysteries and scary stories that have been lived in Madrid. This type of tour is usually done at night, since the atmosphere is much more in line with the occasion.
The Ghost Tour is a quieter way to face terror and fear.
6. Autocine Race Watching
a scary movie on Halloween night is one of the traditions that endure over time. Because of the pandemic, open-air cinema has skyrocketed in terms of the number of attendees. Therefore, one of the preferred options is to watch a horror movie on the big screen from the car in case you are afraid, have somewhere to hold onto. Or if your thing is traditional, you can always go to any movie theater in Madrid, where you can see one of the horror films on its billboard.

7. Halloween
parties For the most partygoers, going to a disco and giving everything on the dance floor is also one of the alternatives to spend Halloween night. Many mythical Madrid nightclubs such as Kapital or BlackHouse will put their dance floor full of pumpkins, spider web and floating skeletons to scare all attendees who dare to dance under the dark light of Halloween night on one of their dance floors.
Whatever your chosen plan, any of them will make you spend a night full of scares, fear, screams and even nervous laughter. The scariest night of the year is just around the corner and if you still do not have thought about what to do, do not waste any more time and choose one of these plans. Do you dare to spend a terrifying night?

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